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I have been going to Viktor for several years on a regular basis and don’t know what I would do without him. After years of massage, chiropractic, and other body work, his unique approach is the only thing that keeps my pain managed so I can function better at work and life in general. I can’t recommend him highly enough, for anyone who has any kind of body pain. Plus, he’s a very nice person who really cares about his patients.
– May 2019

Lucas Tannous

Viktor is truly brilliant at what he does. He has a complete and unique understanding of how the body works, both in parts and as a whole. This allows him to isolate areas that are inflamed or have suffered trauma, help them recover, and then integrate their function back into the complete physical movement of the body. He has helped me tremendously with tendinitis and lower back pain as well. He is also an incredibly kind, and good natured person and I always find myself in a relaxed and good mood after our sessions. I am grateful to him for all he has done for me, and cannot recommend him highly enough.
Lucas Tannous
– April 2018


Dancing is my passion, however I have developed problems with my feet (Hallux Rigidus and neuromas). Viktor has helped me to avoid surgery — I now have more joint movement, much less pain, and have been able to continue dancing. Many, many thanks to Viktor!
– May 2017


A friend highly recommended Viktor to me, and now I want to highly recommend him to others who suffer from any kind of musculoskeletal pain or who just need a “tune-up.” He helped me with my sudden onset of headaches so that I was able to hold off on risky medications and nerve blocks, and he is now helping to keep me flexible and manage my back and neck pain, in a way that is different from other massage therapists, physical therapists, and body work specialists I have been to. His is a whole-body approach, which has longer-lasting effects. Thanks Viktor!
– November 2015

Victoria Matus

I have been seeing Viktoras for more than a decade because of an upper back injury. His intense focus when he works on you and his understanding of the interconnected systems of the body are extraordinary. At various times I have called him in severe pain – my fault for ignoring the oncoming symptoms – and within a few sessions I am functioning with minimal pain and greatly improved flexibility. He knows exactly where the pain resides and he knows how to release it. He also teaches you how to focus on making your own muscles relax, which is extremely helpful. If there were a four star rating system on this site I’d give him five.
– June 2015

Andrea Robbins

I have a bulging disc in my neck, which causes me much pain, including numbness and tingling down my arm. Viktor has cured it! I envision when he works on my neck he’s putting everything back in its place. I continue to see him to maintain my body. If I have a new pain, ie. lower back he always finds it without me telling him. I like to wait and see if he notices and without fail he always does. It’s as if he has sensors on his hands.
– April 2015


Viktor cured my tennis elbow and lower back pain so I could travel again in cars, trains and planes without being in terrible discomfort. I continue to see him weekly as part of my health maintenance. One of the pitfalls of getting older is stiffness. Viktor helps with his unique combination of medical and anatomical intelligence (since he was trained as an Orthopedist in Lithuania) and tactile sensitivity. The mixture of massage and gentle joint movements targeted to precise areas not only feels wonderful and relaxing while I’m there but is also healing. This type of therapy is very different than massage which I used to have quite frequently. It has a curative aspect. I recommend Viktor Jeriomenko wholeheartedly.
– March 2015

Antoinette Peloso

Dear Viktoras, Thank you for all the amazing treatments! You have kept me flexible, out of the Doctor’s office and away from the surgeon’s knife. I feel so fortunate to know you and to have benefitted from your knowledge, skills and generous personality. I am sure that in short order i will be dancing the can-can again! Mille grazie, Antoinette
– March 2015

Nancy Gropper

Viktor was recommended to me by a friend who has known him for years and raved about his talent as a massage therapist. I went to him because of a sudden onset of severe pain in my hip. When he began working with me I was in constant pain and was limping. Six weeks later, the pain is so reduced and intermittent that I hardly notice it and I am no longer limping. Before I went to see an orthopedist, Viktor told me that I would eventually need a hip replacement but that he would do what he could to put that off. The orthopedist confirmed that this is the case and right now I am back to almost normal and feel no rush.
– March 2015

Jon Hendel

Viktor healed my carpal tunnel in my right wrist and elbow. Before I met Viktor I could not type at the computer. After several months I was able to type again with correct posture and an ergonomic mouse. Since fixing my wrist, I see Viktor regularly to maintain my body. Viktor heals my back pain whenever it arises. Viktor’s immense knowledge of the body, strong hands, deep perceptions, and innate abilities create a truly magnificent and restorative hour. I also appreciate leaving my clothes on!
– March 2015

Regina Paul

Successful lower back surgery for a disc problem solved the sharp pain I had been in for over a year, but left me with a nagging irritation on one side that made long plane and car trips and even long nights in a sleeping position truly unpleasant. But when I got back to ballet class and couldn’t bend to the side without pain (after dancing nonprofessionally for 55 years), I decided it was time to act. Viktor came highly recommended by my teacher, and it was the best recommendation I ever got… from anyone… about anything. Viktor worked through the back irritation slowly and carefully, and it has never returned. Working with Viktor is like having a doctor on call – a doctor who will always see you in an emergency (both my daughter and I have had our share), will tell you exactly what is wrong, and then will fix it. I have recommended him to six people, and we all agree: we have never met a doctor or therapist in the U.S. like him.
– February 2015

Roz Goldfarb

I’m delighted to have the opportunity to write a testimonial for Viktor as he is my secret weapon against pain and aging. After two spinal fusion surgeries, he’s the only one I would trust to work on me. Viktor is the most talented, knowledgeable and caring massage therapist I have ever known. I first met Viktor when I developed a cervical condition causing my hands to go numb. Of course, he solved the problem and I did not return to the neurologist. He has since helped me with many other problems, most recently with a torn meniscus. Keep in mind, even if you don’t have a medical complaint, having Viktor work on you is the best tune-up you could ever have.
– February 2015